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What The Hills?!

Aug 29, 2021

The city of Glasgow, where today's guest grew up, is known worldwide for its music scene, and the huge number of acts it's nurtured over many decades.

It's a hotspot for pretty much any style of music you can imagine, and a mecca for live performances.

It was in this environment where David Grant first experienced music.  With two musical parents and the obligatory music and piano lessons as a kid, it's no surprise that he was performing in a band by the time he was fifteen.

Decades later, and on the other side of the world, David is still making music, this time with his new project, Sleat.

This week we have a special treat.  David has given permission for his two new tracks to be played not just on the radio, but also on the podcast, so sit back and listen to my chat with David and some great music.

And a little note from David...

Hey Kimberley,
Important that we play Sugarcoated given that it's the reason for the interview :)
I currently am not signed to a record company and I own the copyright to both "Sugarcoated" and "Ships".
Should these circumstances change, I will advise.
I am principal writer of the music. Libby Wells is the lyricist and vocalist.
The performers are myself, Libby Wells and Justin Shepherd.
I have CC'd them here for their info and your peace of mind