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What The Hills?!

Aug 15, 2021

This week on what the Hills, we're asking the question What Just Happened????

we're doing things a little bit differently.  After the recent SA Community Broadcasters Association awards night, I thought it would be a good idea to catch up with the guys from the Huddle, Lofty Radio's Wednesday night sports program.  They won the award for best sports program, and I won the award for best interview.  In addition Lofty Radio had two runners up - Harry in the youth volunteer section, and Jimmy the K for best program.

Despite my best intentions, any time spent with Jeff, Ben & Rob from the Huddle could go wildly off plan in seconds, and it did, right from the start.  Throw in Lisa singing in the next studio and Rob's very noisy tummy rumbles, and you have a recipe for mayhem.

This week's episode is presented With apologies to Jodie, fairies, Lisa, smallgoods manufacturers, tennis players, Andrew, Betty the Australian Lions Hearing Dog, my mum, Ben's mum, the entire town of Nairne, Julie, blind kids everywhere, deaf tenpin bowlers, and my microphones, whose lives were not actually threatened at any time, no matter what you hear during the interview.