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What The Hills?!

Jul 11, 2021

This week on What The Hills we have a must-listen interview for anyone who needs to know about care for people with dementia.  It's often a difficult subject, but today's guest knows her way around it, and is here to share some ideas about how we can personalise dementia care, and improve quality of life for everyone involved.

Jenny Slape was comfortable in her career as a chaplain, working in aged care facilities. 

She loved her work and felt that she was filling an important role for people in care, their families, and staff.

But then she wanted to do more, so she headed to university, and before she knew it, she had completed a PhD. 

With the help of an Adelaide Hills publisher, Jenny turned her PhD into a book which discusses how care for those with dementia can be personalised, and provide for the very best life for some of our most vulnerable people.

I sat down to talk with Jenny about her studies, dementia, and how she came to write a book that can help everyone involved in aged and dementia care.