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What The Hills?!

Mar 26, 2022

Being involved in local community radio as I am, I get to meet a lot of local musicians.  What I most love is finding out about new artists who are at the start of their careers, and getting to know them at this most exciting time of their lives.

This week I met the lovely Ella and Sienna.  They are launching their musical careers and already have an impressive number of performances to their name.  With the recent release of their new track and studio time booked later this year there's a lot to get exited about.

I caught up with Ella & Sienna for a chat, but I also had the pleasure of featuring them as guests on my Sunday evening radio program, Say Hello, along with my co-hosts Bob and the Bus Man.  Today you get to hear both interviews, and if you're listening on the radio you'll hear two great tracks from Ella and Sienna.