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What The Hills?!

Mar 28, 2021

With the centenary of Anzac came huge crowds as people of all ages gained a renewed interest in our Australian history, and the history of their family members.  By 2019 crowds at Dawn Services around the country and around the world had swelled to some of the greatest ever seen.  Then last year, things changed.  We had to do things differently because the world was facing an emergency not seen since the very beginnings of the Dawn Service tradition.  We were asked to commemorate the day differently, and many of us did, without a fuss.

This year, things are still not quite back to normal.  RSL groups across the country have something new to contend with - the Covid Management Plan.  It’s a huge task for a small group of generally elderly people to run a Dawn Service in any given year.  This year they were being asked to comply with some really difficult laws, aimed at keeping us all safe. 

For a very small number of RSL's, the state government has provided support, but for the vast majority they faced the prospect of doing it all on their own, with no support and very few resources.

It just couldn't be done.  And so, reluctantly, they decided to once again ask us to mark the day privately.  Rebecca tells us why it's still so important to mark the day.


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