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What The Hills?!

Sep 26, 2021

This week we continue with part two of our two part look into local residents associations and the work they do for the community. 

Di van Eck is back to tell us all about what's happening in the Mount Barker & Districts Residents Association.  As always, the budget is a big issue, and moves are underway to help the community better understand and even influence how rates are set and what they're spent on. And why are the rates in our local councils so much higher than in the old established council areas down town? What happens when a council election candidate goes back on their promises?

Next up I have a friendly chat with Leif Brown, who is the new president of the Nairne and Districts Residents Association.  As that's a role I myself held until just recently it was an opportunity for Leif and I to touch base and find out where we agree on the NDRA and its role in the community.  Again the conversation goes far and wide, covering everything from movie nights to politics, with a bit of family history in between.