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What The Hills?!

Jan 24, 2021

No, I haven't taken a holiday this week.  For the radio version of this week's program I played a bunch of music, which unfortunately can't be shared on the podcast.  

I'm really really sorry that all you'll hear after the news and weather today is the intros of the fantastic songs you can hear on the radio.  I promise you, though, those songs really are worth listening to.

Please check out this week's artists (you can hear them all on AMRAP) and show them some love.  

Meanwhile, while I was busy editing this week's program, a bushfire threatened our Adelaide Hills community.  Publishing has been delayed a little as I waited for the latest news Monday morning, so instead of the usual 6am Monday start, it's taken a little longer to get the show to you (but you can wait an extra hour or so, can't you?)

Spoiler alert: the fire was contained late last night, and it started raining before I hit the "publish" button.

Here's where to find all the music you're missing out on:  Happy listening!

Start your week right with What The Hills - the podcast for the Adelaide Hills

Agnes Blue - Invisible Man
Boorook - Positive Change
Casii Williams - Fallin' Down
Eleea - Space
Fig Tree Mob - Barrunba (Dreaming)
Kerryn Fields - Mamma
KMC - The Situation
Kutcha Edwards - We Sing
Melanie Horsnell - Black Mountains
Mia Lovelock - Endure
Pirra - No Man's Land
Si Wilson - Rain's Gonna Fall
Tilly Tjala Thomas - Ngana Nyunyi