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What The Hills?!

Oct 3, 2021

In the Adelaide Hills our community halls often sit in the background of our lives.  They're the place we go for yoga classes, for school holiday activities, emergency meetings when a disaster strikes our town, community fundraisers and markets.

We don't often think about the importance of our halls, but imagine what would happen if they were taken away.  They're so integral to our communities that it's possible we'd completely lose that community feeling without the focus point they provide.

This week on What The Hills I'm talking to Clare Bradley about the Mylor Hall,  which is ready for some changes so that it can keep serving the community it's part of.  The Mylor hall has a fantastic kitchen, great stage and lighting, modern air conditioning, and a great location.  What it needs is fresh volunteers and some new ideas, or it may be lost to us forever.

Clare tells us a little about the hall and what it means, and shares some of the ways it's become part of Mylor life, from her kids birthday parties to her favourite shirt.  Oh, and there might be a ghost and an explanation about why Mylor has no pub thrown in.

For more information about the Mylor hall, you can check out the Mylor Citizens Friendship Club, Mylor Hall, Mylor Music Night and Mylor History group, all on Facebook.  Don't forget the famous Mylor Pop Up Pub night on November 13 - it's rare indeed to have a night out at the pub in Mylor, so not to be missed.