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What The Hills?!

Nov 13, 2021

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had followed your childhood dreams?

What would your life be like now?  Would you be rich and famous?  Have an amazing career?  Live in another country?

It's hard to say how life would have turned out if we made different decisions.  And for more than a few of us, the opportunity to follow those childhood dreams is slipping out of our reach.

When Tiffany was in primary school she wanted to be a famous musician.  She learned to play a few instruments, and she started writing and performing her own songs.  First as a busker, and then at organised gigs.  Her family helped and encouraged her along the way, and now her musical career looks set to take off.

At the grand old age of fourteen, Tiffany has two current releases, and a handful of other songs in production.  I caught up with Tiffany when she was in the middle of a whirl of media interviews, and we got the chance to sit down for a long chat.  I also got the chance to talk to her biggest fan - her grandfather Gordon.

Check out Tiffany KB on Spotify