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What The Hills?!

Oct 31, 2021

Paul Farina grew up in the Adelaide Hills.

Along with his big brother Anthony he was a mad keen sports nut, involved in every sport he could get his hands on.

As an adult, Paul found himself playing cricket in England and then settling in Melbourne to develop his own business.


Then, a couple of years ago, Paul got call from his brother that he will never forget.  Anthony had been diagnosed with cancer.

When your big brother suddenly becomes vulnerable it can knock your world around.  Paul spent a lot of time looking at his own health.  But he also spent a lot of time with Anthony as they reminisced about growing up in the Hills.  They made a plan to catch up with some old mates.


Before they knew it, Paul, Anthony and the crew found themselves planning a gala dinner and a huge family fun day.  This weekend you can get down to Heathfield oval to join in.  Watch the T20 game, and enjoy all the entertainment on offer - it's going to be a great day out for all the family.


Today I'm talking to Paul about the event, but also about the very important and often neglected topic of men's health.  There's some stuff in today's interview that every man needs to hear, so grab the men in your life and make sure they're listening.


Don't leave your health to chance.  If you find something not quite right, or if you need help with your mental health, see your GP about it.


Family fun day and T20 game on Sunday 7 November

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