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What The Hills?!

Nov 23, 2020

This week on What The Hills we've finally caught up with everyone else and done a bit of a Covid pivot.  This week features our first remotely recorded interviews.  With guests not always having a microphone handy it was a bit of a challenge, but here we are ready to go.

After the weekly news and weather report we talk to Tallara from the Gum Tree Community Garden in Littlehampton and David from the Old School Community Garden in Stirling.  

Our special guests for this week's Soapbox are Kelly and David from the Nairne Community Carols - an event doing its best to go ahead this year in the face of all kinds of challenges.  The Carols event is looking for volunteers, and they need you!

David from TOSCG asked me to pass on some extra information:
"Firstly the initiator of the garden was Simon Jones, then a Councillor at the AHC.
Significant contributors to the development and management of the garden that I didn’t mention include: Ben Mumford – engineer;  Marty Roberts(wicking bed workshop leader and tractor driver) and Louise (Lou) Roberts (fantastic secretary); then there is our insightful President Rachelle Sandow, agriculturalist Simon Goodhand and Kathy Newman, a master cottage garden builder and so it goes on – there are many others who have contributed over the years.
On reflection, if I had used names I would have surely left someone out!"