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What The Hills?!

Jan 10, 2021

Sometimes life gets busy and you can't get a new podcast episode out when you planned.  That's what happened last week when I was away on holiday and didn't get home in time to edit and publish an episode for you.

To make up for it, this week's episode is all about my holiday on Kangaroo Island.

I talk to Jo, who was visiting KI to hand over a donation of money she's spent all year raising.  She has some surprising reasons for working so hard on her fundraiser.

I also spend New Years Eve in the 5KixFM radio studio.  You'll get a behind the scenes view of what goes on in a radio station studio when we think nobody's listening, and you can join us to relive the countdown to midnight.

Finally, Emma dropped in for a chat about her vision for a more visitor-friendly Adelaide Hills.

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