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What The Hills?!

Nov 28, 2021

When you've lived in a place most of your life, you get to see a lot of changes, and you get to know a lot of people.

Jock Dean is a Mount Barker local, just like his parents and grandparents.  Throughout his life he's mixed with locals who have shaped the district.  They've had a hand in shaping what Mount Barker is today.  Some of Jock's schoolmates include prominent sports and business people, members of local service clubs, and even my mum.

I caught up with Jock to reminisce about his early years in the town, his career, and what he thinks of how the future is shaping up.  Listen closely, and see how many local names you recognise - I'm sure there will be quite a few.

Image from the Mount Barker Local History Centre:
Flashback to the 1960’s.
The old cars parked on Gawler Street, Mount Barker, look very stylish and not one of the cars look the same.
Source: Photograph: Call Number: PH-D-V1-00071
Mt Barker: Gawler Street looking East. Date: c1965.
Courtesy of Evelyn Ann (Betty) Schaefer.