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What The Hills?!

Sep 5, 2021

Just over twelve months ago, the world was a different place for a lot of us.  Australia had just experienced a nationwide shutdown.  We were grappling with the idea of Covid, and wondering what it meant for us.  And What The Hills had just become the newest locally produced podcast in the Adelaide Hills.

I wanted to explore what effect the shutdown was having on local businesses, so I caught up with four small business owners to find out how they were doing.

At the time they were overwhelmingly grateful to be still in operation.  They had relied heavily on payments like Job Keeper to stay afloat, and they had changed the way they were doing things.

Shail who runs a restaurant in Hahndorf had moved to a mostly take-away business model temporarily, and was taking the opportunity to do some renovations to his building.

Lyn at the Hahndorf knife shop had enforced very strict rules about how many people could enter her tiny shop.  She was worried about family members who were at risk, but was bravely battling on.

Steve had taken his sweets shop online, and was quietly hopeful that interstate sales would keep them afloat for a few months longer.

Kerri had gone out on a limb and extended her yoga practice from a private one woman show to a whole new studio in Mount Barker.

A year on, I caught up with Steve and Kerri to see how they're travelling now.  I can tell you that Shail's restaurant and Lyn's knife shop are still going strong, but they weren't available for a chat this time around.