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What The Hills?!

Loving the Adelaide Hills (Blog Post)

Jul 28, 2020

One Thursday just over a month ago my friends at Lofty Community Media got in touch and offered a spot for me to have a weekly program on Lofty Radio.

"Sure," I said.

"Great! You start Monday," was their response.

Panic Stations!  How on earth would I put together an hour of quality (but not music based) radio in just four days?  What would I do after that?  

Thankfully I have friends who are always up for a chat, so I got in touch with Mount Barker Councillor Samantha Jones.  By the time Monday rolled around I had put together some conversation starters for my hour with Sam, and had a slightly less vague idea about how the program would progress in future weeks.

That first interview was great fun.  With Tanya pushing the buttons, Sam doing all the talking, and me piping up with a couple of well placed questions to steer the conversation, we made it through the hour with big smiles on our faces.

Within a couple of days I had people telling me they'd missed the episode and demanding a replay.  And so the podcast was born.

Between that first week and now I've recorded and produced four radio episodes for Lofty, and then converted them into podcast episodes. It's been a steep learning curve and a whole lot of fun.

Today I recorded two interviews for next week's show (I'm gradually getting further ahead in my planning than I was that first week).  It struck me that I'm in a very privileged position.  I get to explore any topic that suits me.  I get to approach, meet and interview the people who are right in the middle of what's happening in their field.  As a huge bonus I get to do all of this in the beautiful Adelaide Hills - a place I love.  After all of that I get to share my conversations with people listening on radio and on my very own podcast. 

I'm really looking forward to improving how I do things and producing better episodes each week.  Stay tuned for more.