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What The Hills?!

Jun 27, 2021

Today on What The Hills we're doing something a little different. Usually I talk to the movers and shakers, people who have a message to share about something interesting that's happening around the Adelaide Hills.

But this week, I'm having a casual chat with a friend of mine.

Stephen Lucas is a school bus driver,...

Jun 20, 2021

Tony has been involved in many aspects of the arts throughout his life.  This week he shares some of his story and talks about why the arts is such an important part of our lives every day.

Tony also shares what's happening with this year's Hahndorf Winter Lantern Festival and the workshops happening leading up...

Jun 13, 2021

Growing up in Manchurian China, Stella learned the art of mushroom foraging from her grandmother.  Along the way she developed a love for the outdoors, and an appreciation for wet winter weekends outside, while most of us are staying indoors.

This week Stella shares her story, a couple of very punny jokes, and some...