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What The Hills?!

Oct 17, 2021

Some interesting topics can come up when you're having a free-ranging conversation.  In my chat with Greg Were this week we did talk about his music and his latest album.  But we also covered the nature of time and memory, problem solving methods used by Nicola Tesla and changes in the music industry.

Greg's new album,...

Oct 10, 2021

Love live music and a family day out?  This week What the Hills has something just for you.

The Hahndorf Band Festival is due to happen this weekend.  It's a full on day of live music brought to you by bands from across the Hills and the metro area.

This Saturday head to Hahndorf to enjoy the Festival as the bands...

Oct 3, 2021

In the Adelaide Hills our community halls often sit in the background of our lives.  They're the place we go for yoga classes, for school holiday activities, emergency meetings when a disaster strikes our town, community fundraisers and markets.

We don't often think about the importance of our halls, but imagine what...

Sep 26, 2021

This week we continue with part two of our two part look into local residents associations and the work they do for the community. 

Di van Eck is back to tell us all about what's happening in the Mount Barker & Districts Residents Association.  As always, the budget is a big issue, and moves are underway to help the...

Sep 19, 2021

Residents' Associations. They're everywhere across the Adelaide Hills, and they're there for you.

They bring new ideas, advocate for change - or sometimes for good things to be retained. They can be your voice at local and state government levels.

With so much to talk about, it's no wonder that my chat with Di van Eck...