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What The Hills?!

Sep 21, 2020

Zac Lambe is passionate about his community and the role that young people have to play in it.  Last year he managed and directed a new youth music festival called The BreakUp.  This year he's doing it all over again, while finishing school and planning his future.

Event management is set to be a big part of Zac's life,...

Sep 21, 2020

RUOK day is an annual reminder for all of us to ask those around us if they're ok.  
I talk to local personality Chris Savvy about how RUOK started, how he got involved, and what it's all about.
Savvy is an RUOK Ambassador, and knows how important it is to not only check in on our friends, but to know what to say...

Sep 7, 2020

When disaster struck the Adelaide Hills in the days before Christmas last year, Jodie Turpin answered the call to step up and help get assistance to those who needed it most.  
Nine months later she's still making sure locals affected by the fires are being supported.

Jodie talks to me about the first days after the...